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I’m confused

I was watching a news report last night and it showed a number of young people attending a Republican convention. What got me so confused was the string of young people (that’s all the reporter seemed to be getting sound bites from) who were spouting pure Libertarian philosophy and who were confusing it with pure … Continue reading

The Fiscal Cliff

A little thought from a professional bureaucrat (me btw)… The “Fiscal Cliff” resulted from legislation passed by Congress. Whether or not the Fiscal Cliff and its punitive actions kick in on Jan 1 or not is totally under control of the same institution. Nobody has to reach any kind of deal. They can just repeal … Continue reading

Surprise! It’s ACA!

I am somewhat stunned by all the folk who told me that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) wouldn’t get past the Supreme Court and now are just dumbstruck. I rarely say “I told you so”, but in this case I did. You could see this coming a mile off. Why? Primarily because SCOTUS is dominated … Continue reading

Medical Marijuana again

I certainly don’t know how this is going to play out but here is an interesting article about Medical Marijuana via the folks at The Medical Quack. We just had a local referendum on the growing issue here in Butte County and it was such a mis-informed disaster. I particularly loved the “Send Granny to … Continue reading


I was driving down the road today and this big new white Ford pickup settled in front of me. On it was a sticker that said: “Does this Ass make my Truck look bigger?” Of course, there is a picture of President Obama on the sticker. Kind of ironic don’t you think? If the GOP … Continue reading

Who do you trust? – 2012 Edelman Trust Barometer

For over a decade now, international mega-pr firm Edelman has been conducting a global ‘Trust Barometer‘ survey. They use an outside firm to poll, internationally, 1000 people per country on how they trust various public entities like government, business and NGOs. It makes for interesting reading. Go have a look. Be advised that what you … Continue reading

Beyond Fear

I’m going to take a moment to co-opt the title here of Bruce Schneier’s great book on the nature of risk and security. I’m doing this because I believe the Patriot Act to be a worthless power grab by the far Right in Washington. And a pretty useless one if experts on the subject like … Continue reading

CIMH Behavioral IT Conference materials

The recent California Institute of Mental Health (CIMH) Behavioral IT conference produced a wealth of resources and presentations. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I was particularly taken with Dr. Jurgen Unutzer’s presentation on collaborations between physical and behavioral health. Go have a look. These are recommended.

California Cuts to MH funding…

Was perusing the news today when I ran across this article in the business journal. The author, Kathy Robertson, indicates that CA has slashed over $587 million out of the public mental health budget in the last two years making it the largest set of cuts in the nation. What a tragedy. In IT we … Continue reading

Beyond “Crossing the Quality Chasm”

I’m personally of the mind that for any large undertaking you must have a consistent and rational philosophical underpinning. The national move toward a comprehensive Electronic Health Record (EHR) and the associated Health Information Exchange (HIE) necessary to make it functional had just such an underpinning. In my mind, this philosophy was best articulated in … Continue reading