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GDELT – a humongous approach

Saw an announcement today that Google has opened up use of the GDELT database. This is a global dataset that tracks worldwide data back to 1979. Pretty amazing as well is the use of the BIGQUERY cloud system (running SQL) that allows you to reasonably mine the system. For all you infojunkies out there like … Continue reading

Where did they all go?

As a political scientist (among other things) I’m always curious about U.S. stats concerning citizens. Recent work on the latest census data shows a really interesting picture of where people live in the country. Have a look at this article from the folks at Business Insider.

Ethical Role of the Data Scientist in Healthcare

As I’ve said on numerous occasions, I’m incredibly impressed with the blog “The Medical Quack“. They had a cool little article recently on how big data and ethics factor into Healthcare. Apparently there is plenty of room for consumer abuse here. Check out the article here.

OCR advice – de-identifying patient data

Haven’t had the time to look at this one closely but it’s an important topic. Everyone wants to do research but frankly going through privacy boards to get access to a data set is a long and arduous task. I’d love feedback on this guide to see how effective you think it might be.

California Duals

After much angst, California recently decided to start coordinating healthcare for its dual eligible Medicare/Medicaid recipients. What a concept! Here is the first data set characterizing this group and giving some idea as to the potential impacts on the healthcare ecosystem. Link Here

Big Data – gotta get me some of that

Big… Little… To me its not really relevant these days. Analysis of data has already become a driving factor in healthcare in this country and we’ve just got to accept that. Want a leg up? Start by having a look at the new blog by Nick Pramanik. Here is a sample blog post to get … Continue reading

Healthcare is expensive because we incentivise disinformation

It’s no wonder that healthcare in the U.S. is terribly expensive. First we add the overhead of a private insurance industry that provides little or no value. (Studies on this are rampant so don’t bitch at me if you disagree!) Second, we pay doctors to treat not to keep people well. This means doctors must … Continue reading

New Healthcare study…

It’s really good that people are beginning to look seriously at the cost drivers in healthcare. Part of the “Evil Obamacare” is that its opened up some good new sources. So here is an introduction to the Health Cost Institute and their latest study. Read it here. Note that this study is not your usual … Continue reading

Mathematical Deception

While I’ve got you primed, here is a great video on the darker side of using math and statistics to confuse and deceive the public. This is from the Google lecture series and its a wonderful introduction to an old concept. I remember my first exposure to this concept was an old book called “How … Continue reading

The math in your life…

There is an old saying that goes “You may be able to ignore politics, but politics won’t ignore you.” Tech is pretty much getting to be that way too. This is why I love this aptly named post “Attack of the Killer Algorithms”. Recommended reading if you want to see how tech and math aren’t … Continue reading