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Research on medical marijuana – supplanting prescribed medications.

In an interesting aside, researchers have identified a link to lower prescription drug use in states that have adopted medical marijuana use. This seems pretty significant especially in populations like seniors. You can have a look at the target research via NPR here. Advertisements

Nasty Day for Healthcare IT

It wasn’t a good day for Healthcare IT. First an article…┬áTech Pros not doing enough security work. Then a couple of data breach articles. BTW, I can remember thinking when I was actually managing a system, “I’m sure glad I work in Healthcare. Who’d want to steal any of this stuff?” Evanston Santa Rosa CA … Continue reading

Using Health IT to reduce Rx errors

The AHRQ will be holding an informative webinar on this topic on Aug 26. Consider signing up at their portal. This is one of the premier usages of health technology to improve care.

Greyhound Therapy – not what you think

Ran across this wonderful article in the Sacramento Bee a couple of days ago. It talks about Greyhound Therapy and the mentally ill in Nevada. This is the process of busing mentally ill consumers from your location to somewhere out-of-state so you don’t have to deal with them. Educate yourself.

Funny how people don’t see healthcare as a business

The title may have funny in it but truthfully I’m more than a little chagrined every time I think about how cautious or indignant that folks get when the business side of healthcare comes up. Case in point, here is an article from the NY Times that talks about all the big EHR companies making … Continue reading

Ethical Role of the Data Scientist in Healthcare

As I’ve said on numerous occasions, I’m incredibly impressed with the blog “The Medical Quack“. They had a cool little article recently on how big data and ethics factor into Healthcare. Apparently there is plenty of room for consumer abuse here. Check out the article here.

Someone to read on Healthcare

I have to admit I’ve recently found Kristine Martin Anderson, from the Booz-Allen group (some name, huh?) and I like what she has to say. Here are a couple of samples. They discuss data liquidity and how IT is helpful. Check them out and let me know.

OCR advice – de-identifying patient data

Haven’t had the time to look at this one closely but it’s an important topic. Everyone wants to do research but frankly going through privacy boards to get access to a data set is a long and arduous task. I’d love feedback on this guide to see how effective you think it might be.

California Duals

After much angst, California recently decided to start coordinating healthcare for its dual eligible Medicare/Medicaid recipients. What a concept! Here is the first data set characterizing this group and giving some idea as to the potential impacts on the healthcare ecosystem. Link Here

Major Themes in Healthcare Spending

Here is a great set of info from the Kaiser Family Foundation. Ever wonder why HC costs so much in the U.S.? This explains it via data pretty well. Check it out.