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Own your own domain name? You ought to see this.

Lots of folks who own and run their own internet domains don’t pay enough attention to site security. Just ran across a guy who is doing validation on you SHA certificates (security). Have a look here if you do so you can check and correct things if it matters to you. Fairly easy. Advertisements

Where did they all go?

As a political scientist (among other things) I’m always curious about U.S. stats concerning citizens. Recent work on the latest census data shows a really interesting picture of where people live in the country. Have a look at this article from the folks at Business Insider.

Oh you’re insecure? So’s email

Talk to healthcare providers all the time who have no clue about some of the tools they are using and how they compromise consumer/patient privacy and security. Our friends at Sophos wrote a pretty good little summary on the topic. Check it out here.

Nasty Day for Healthcare IT

It wasn’t a good day for Healthcare IT. First an article… Tech Pros not doing enough security work. Then a couple of data breach articles. BTW, I can remember thinking when I was actually managing a system, “I’m sure glad I work in Healthcare. Who’d want to steal any of this stuff?” Evanston Santa Rosa CA … Continue reading

Using Health IT to reduce Rx errors

The AHRQ will be holding an informative webinar on this topic on Aug 26. Consider signing up at their portal. This is one of the premier usages of health technology to improve care.