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Surprise! It’s ACA!

I am somewhat stunned by all the folk who told me that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) wouldn’t get past the Supreme Court and now are just dumbstruck. I rarely say “I told you so”, but in this case I did. You could see this coming a mile off.

Why? Primarily because SCOTUS is dominated by Republican appointees. (Notice I didn’t say conservatives because they aren’t. They are political appointees. But that’s another topic.)

ACA for all its alleged Democratic/Socialist leanings is decidedly not. It’s a recycled Republican initiative that was purposely built to assist the insurance industry. Any benefit to the public is incidental. I say this because the truly rational solution to the problem, single payer healthcare, would have cut most of the insurance industry out of healthcare thereby simplifying it and making it less expensive. (You don’t suppose that insurance companies work for free do you? They impose a sizable chunk of administrative cost to U.S. healthcare.)

SCOTUS ruled as it did for two reasons. First, it assists business (the whole Commerce portion of the ruling.) It literally keeps big insurance in the game. Republican game that is. Second, its a procedural precedent that Republicans, for all the invective being spewed by Romney and Talk Radio,should be salivating over because it fundamentally endorses Republican political goals by allowing Congress the leeway to pass broad mandated taxation that benefits only big business.

I’ve been saying this for months and would have preferred ACA to have been gutted. It would have cleared the way for true healthcare reform. It also would NOT have hurt the Obama campaign in the least.



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