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Are our legislators really so clueless about the Web? Yep!

It never ceases to amaze me. The gaffs that our legislators make concerning Internet/Web uses is just amazing. Case in point. (BTW, I’m not a big supporter of Trolls in general but I can make an exception on this one.)
Of course, it probably shouldn’t surprise me much. If you follow excellent studies like the Pew Internet project then you know that Internet use falls off precipitously with age. Which, of course, means that the people most likely to make Internet legislation are the least likely to use the Internet! I believe the average age of a Senator is 60+.

So the point I’m likely to make here is why do so many young people abdicate responsibility for what Congress is doing to the Internet to people who don’t understand it or use it regularly. (BTW, I don’t believe email use constitutes Internet/Web use… just saying.)


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