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Mathematical Deception

While I’ve got you primed, here is a great video on the darker side of using math and statistics to confuse and deceive the public. This is from the Google lecture series and its a wonderful introduction to an old concept. I remember my first exposure to this concept was an old book called “How … Continue reading

The math in your life…

There is an old saying that goes “You may be able to ignore politics, but politics won’t ignore you.” Tech is pretty much getting to be that way too. This is why I love this aptly named post “Attack of the Killer Algorithms”. Recommended reading if you want to see how tech and math aren’t … Continue reading


I was driving down the road today and this big new white Ford pickup settled in front of me. On it was a sticker that said: “Does this Ass make my Truck look bigger?” Of course, there is a picture of President Obama on the sticker. Kind of ironic don’t you think? If the GOP … Continue reading