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You talk too much

I’ve been asked, repeatedly, over the year why it is that I go to the trouble to talk to so many people. It was an innate thing that I just did for a number of decades because I thought it made perfect sense business wise. How can you know what people need if you don’t ask them?
I recently got asked this again. My recent responses to this question have been to refer to the master on this subject, in my opinion, Guy Kawasaki. If you’re the least interested in business and particularly these days Social Media then this post by GK is a must read. It explains things perfectly.


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I'm a Healthcare Information Technology consultant who happens to specialize in the Public Behavioral Health world. Things have been at the status quo for a while and I believe its time to change the conversation. Talk to me, please.


One thought on “You talk too much

  1. This post was so helpful. Thanks!

    Posted by Air Conditioning Service | February 15, 2012, 1:28 PM
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