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Beyond Fear

I’m going to take a moment to co-opt the title here of Bruce Schneier’s great book on the nature of risk and security. I’m doing this because I believe the Patriot Act to be a worthless power grab by the far Right in Washington. And a pretty useless one if experts on the subject like … Continue reading

Practical HIO

For many of us in the Behavioral Health field it is somewhat disturbing that physical health, at least in California, is so very far ahead of us. We are doing lots of catch up these days. Every tool we can find is an advantage. It’s with this in mind that I bring your attention to … Continue reading

CIMH Behavioral IT Conference materials

The recent California Institute of Mental Health (CIMH) Behavioral IT conference produced a wealth of resources and presentations. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I was particularly taken with Dr. Jurgen Unutzer’s presentation on collaborations between physical and behavioral health. Go have a look. These are recommended.

How is CA doing with EHR implementations?

I like to see stats. Working in the behavioral IT field I’ve known for some time that physical health is well ahead of the public behavioral sector in the implementation and use of EHR technology. Its daunting. So, it’s very welcome to see some real numbers from the California Healthcare Foundation. Check out their report. … Continue reading