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HIE Privacy & Security paradigms

Had the opportunity this week to attend the California Institute of Mental Health’s (CIMH) Behavioral Health Information Management conference in Anaheim. This group has put on some pretty high-powered presentations over the years. I was particularly fascinated by a discussion about Privacy and Security. Participating in the keynote session were David Nelson (privacy officer for San Diego County HHS), Joy Pritts, JD (Chief Privacy Officer of ONC), Lee Tien (senior staff attorney for the EFF) with Dr. Tom Trabin (Conference Chair) moderating.

It was interesting to note how much concern there was around heightened security needs with HIE. There was also discussion of the chilling effects of 42 CFR (behavioral privacy regs) on coördinated care. I found the discussion of solutions in other countries and “meta-tagging” various parts of the record, as proposed in the PCAST report I recently posted about quite helpful.

Another reason emerges to read that PCAST report.


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