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The Role of CA Counties in Healthcare

Having worked in California Behavioral Healthcare for over 16 years now I am consistently baffled how anyone outside of the government could possibly get a handle on this complicated hodgepodge. Recently, however, I was pleased to have my attention directed towards a new report issued by the California Healthcare Foundation. This report provides a very cogent window into areas of responsibility, funding issues, and future alternatives for the 58 county entities that make up this hugely diverse state. It’s always seemed silly to me that either the feds or the state have tried to encompass the vast diversity, both in composition and size, with a single set of regulations. This “one size fits all” approach has personally caused me no end of heartburn.

I suggest that if you are at all interested in the whys and wherefores of public healthcare in California and the crucial role that it plays that this report is an excellent tutorial.



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