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The American Diet is unhealthy

I’m constantly stunned by how American’s interact with food. I know I’ve had a mixed relationship with it. As Dr. Barry Sear’s once said, “Food is the most powerful drug you’ll ever take…” That being said, here is a great article from Psychology Today. Basically it says that our habits undermine a life well lived.

I know that current advertising bugs me too. The latest burger commercial in my area touts their meal deal as big enough to make you feel full. As I guy I can relate. When I was a teen, growing and exercising a lot I’d feel nauseous if I didn’t eat enough often enough. I now know that I was having low blood sugar issues because of my age and the amount of exercise I was doing. (I worked out about four hours a day as well as working for car cash four hours a day too.) Consequently, I ate often and tried to “tank up” whenever I could. This worked well when I was a teen. It didn’t serve me so well when I turned 40 and I’ve struggled with this ever since. Too bad so many American still feel they need, as adults, to “tank up” rather than eating the right amount of food to be fit and healthy.


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I'm a Healthcare Information Technology consultant who happens to specialize in the Public Behavioral Health world. Things have been at the status quo for a while and I believe its time to change the conversation. Talk to me, please.


2 thoughts on “The American Diet is unhealthy

  1. I personally think it’s ridiculous that you can buy a 99 cent double cheeseburger from MacDonalds, but a pomegranate for example is a buck fifty a piece. If this country wants to help with the overweight problem, a good place to start would be making healthy food more available and cheaper.

    Posted by conor | February 18, 2011, 12:14 PM


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