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The Wisdom of Personal Backup-

Lest we forget, there is solid wisdom in backing up your data regularly. Need a little wisdom on the subject? Then try the Tao… Advertisements

Effectiveness of Mental Health Treatment-

One of the things that the Mental Health folk have going for them over the physical health world is that it’s fairly easy to demonstrate in a dollars and cents kind of what that MH treatment makes sense. It’s hard for example to show dollars and cents for say, fixing a broken arm but keeping … Continue reading

Barriers to Addiction Treatment-

Great post today via MedPage about the difficulties addicts have getting effective treatment. Check out this thoughtful article.

Cost Effectiveness Research-

I am never sure why, but Americans seem to struggle with the concept that we don’t have unlimited funds to shuttle off into healthcare. Most of the industrialized nations of the world have made attempts, some successfully, in this area. Enter the concept of Cost Effectiveness Research (CER). This is certainly becoming a hot topic … Continue reading

Private Discussions

Its been an interesting week for private discussions in the healthcare space. What amazes me most, I suppose, is the number of these conversations (most) that have not been with specialists like myself. They have been with non-healthcare IT folk. Guess this is starting to be on people’s minds. More to come later…

Wired U

Pretty clever proposition, what do you need to know beyond what college teaches these days… From the folk at Wired comes Wired University!

Protected: Follow the money-

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

It Gets Better –

I’m pretty impressed, given the recent spate of teen LGBT suicides the kind of out-pouring that has gone on in the community. This video is a great example of the “It Gets Better” philosophy. Bravo (no pun) Tim Gunn!

IT and improving Patient Satisfaction

Ran across this great article from the folks at the Ohio State University Medical Center on how exactly they approached utilizing IT to improve patient satisfaction and care. Have a look at it in the Journal of Healthcare Quality. Recommended!

Social networking security

Just saw a presentation centered around “The seven deadly sins of social network security” pretty awesome stuff. see full article