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What’s wrong with Medical Loss Ratios?

Healthcare has gotten to be big business and many people like to argue that it’s quite ok to allow insurance companies to make a profit. Frankly, my take on it is just a little different.

One of the functions of government is to do things on a large-scale that people can’t afford to do for themselves at a smaller level. This is why we raise armies in mass and not city by city anymore. Healthcare, in my opinion, has gotten to this point. We are one of the few nations on earth that due to the sheer scale of healthcare costs regularly discuss them as a percentage of GDP. To me, the rational mind would say, “Where can we cut out unnecessary cost burdens?”

One place jumps to mind. Why would we allow any added and superfluous profit incentive to inflate our healthcare costs? Having profit driven insurance be the primary method of funding healthcare does just that. It adds profit. Those are real dollars.

BTW, don’t make the mistake of assuming that I hate business. I’m self-employed and retired from a large union. I believe in capitalism very strongly. I just realize that from time to time, the U.S. has had to learn as a society that it can’t always afford unbridled profit.


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I'm a Healthcare Information Technology consultant who happens to specialize in the Public Behavioral Health world. Things have been at the status quo for a while and I believe its time to change the conversation. Talk to me, please.


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