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Random Rants

The rationale… at least for now

When I see some sort of blog I usually expect it to have a point of view. Usually this is pretty obvious. Since this is so new, I don’t expect it to be that obvious.

What motivated me to start this is my past 16 years hanging out in the Public (read California County-based) Behavioral Health environment. I managed a mid-sized behavioral IS and along the way found that I developed a voice in that environment. I believe it was a helpful voice. I’ve also always believed that we are better together than apart. The community saved my bacon many times and I want to balance the karma a bit.

Fast forward a couple of years and I’ve left the public milieu and am happy to report that it is possible to survive public service. I am, however, still consulting in this arena in a time of vast and sweeping healthcare reform. Most of the California counties are deeply enmeshed in severe budget reductions and even more startling healthcare changes.

I still talk to people involved in the industry a lot. And I find that I still have this voice. I’ve asked myself time and again why it is that I seem to have things to say. Frankly, over the years I’ve come to be convinced its because I have an odd little quirk of approaching problems slightly different than other so. I take a different angle; an often very different approach to things. Hence the title for this blog.

What do I expect to cover:

  • Healthcare items in general and behavioral items most specifically.
  • Relevant issues on Electronic Health Records (EHR).
  • Relevant issues on Health Information Exchange (HIE).
  • Politics. (I’m a public administrator by training; a geek by avocation).
  • Random Rants (I’ll try and keep these compartmentalized).
  • Information Technology (IT) that I find interesting. I hope to surprise you.
  • Social Media
  • Resources for all the above.

In the end, I want to be helpful and hopefully change the character and timbre of the current conversation (or lack thereof) that is going on in the behavioral world about the dramatic changes that are taking place. These changes don’t need to be scary. Hopefully I can shine a little extra sunshine on the process and ease things a bit.


About barkie19

I'm a Healthcare Information Technology consultant who happens to specialize in the Public Behavioral Health world. Things have been at the status quo for a while and I believe its time to change the conversation. Talk to me, please.


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