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Research on medical marijuana – supplanting prescribed medications.

In an interesting aside, researchers have identified a link to lower prescription drug use in states that have adopted medical marijuana use. This seems pretty significant especially in populations like seniors. You can have a look at the target research via NPR here. Advertisements

  • I was watching a news report last night and it showed a number of young people attending a Republican convention. What got me so confused was the string of young people (that's all the reporter seemed to be getting sound bites from) who were spouting pure Libertarian philosophy and who were confusing it with pure right wing Republican invective. What I want to know is when Libertarianism got so mixed up in the minds of young Republicans? Libertarianism has never really been associated with the Republican in the last 20 years. I guess what I also want to know is why die hard Libertarians are not out recruiting these young people away from Republican right wingers? Thoughts?